Project - Cat Colony Rescue

Hughes Springs, TX

Smitten For Kitten is supporting this group of stray cats, with 5% of our proceeds, for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022 as needed.

This is a special project as there are no Cat Rescues near Hughes Springs, TX to shelter or support these stray cats.

There have been enough funds donated to Animal Protection League to support the medical care for the colony.  (Spay/neuter services and initial shots/vaccinations)

Food donations are still urgently needed.  (See below for more details.) 

In search of any leads on a Cat Rescue that is willing to travel to rescue this cat colony or any reputable foster care persons.  Please send an email to with any leads you might have.  These cats are unlike other feral cats. They are friendly but still skittish.  They would likely blossom in a loving patient home.

In the meantime, this group of cats is being cared for outdoors by a senior citizen that requires food donation assistance.  There is a registry on Walmart to support this project.

Go to:
Registry: Events
Name: Project Cat Colony Recuse
State: Texas

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Registry for Project Cat Colony Rescue
The Hughes Springs Cat Colony
All are friendly but skittish.
Adult (female) “Model Kitty” because she has long legs.
Teen1 (male)
Teen2 (female) 
Teen3 (Male) 
Baby Kitten “Midnight” - Abandoned by the mother & lost his 2 siblings but is now adopted, cared for & loved. 

Consider Adopting:

Smitten For Kitten formerly supported Care About the Strays (C.A.T.S.), a small shelter in Suffern, NY.  To adopt from here or find out more information about this organization, click the link below.
Care About The Strays dba Cats for Adoption, is an all volunteer, non-profit (501c3) organization working in Rockland County, New York and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to the care and control of feral and abandoned house cats who live primarily outdoors. If these cats were not managed, they would reproduce at an alarming rate.
We do not believe in using euthanasia unless extreme circumstances arise when it comes to the health and welfare of one of our cats. We feed hundreds of cats on a monthly basis, time is additionally devoted to save those cats who have been injured, pregnant, or nursing kittens.
C.A.T.S. Website C.A.T.S. Petfinder Page
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