Snow Kitties*

Play in the snow and build some Snow Kitties! Artist Catrina's original design!
Set comes with 2 Snow Kitties - One Large and One Small. Multiple colors available.

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Artist Catrina's original design. Hand made Snow Kitties are made of wood.
Set includes 2 Gem Heart Noses (1 Large & 1 Small), and 10 hand-painted wood Whiskers (Set of 3 for Large Snow Kitty and set of 2 for Small Snow Kitty)

Choose from:
Blue Set (large Blue and small Green)
Fuchsia Set (large Fuchsia and small Light Pink)
Light Pink Set (large Light Pink and Small Fuchsia)
Purple Set (large Purple and small Blue)

Wood whiskers are 6" long
Wood peg with nose is 3.5" long

*Display not included. Snow also not included.*

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