CITM Pendants

The Cat in the Moon pendant

Cat sitting is a silver crescent moon with gemstone background on a 24" chain

(See Cat in the Moon earrings for a matching set!)

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The Cat in the Moon pendants - Natural stones/crystals

Black Onyx, Clear Quartz Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger's Eye, Quartz Crystal

Large 1" stones in a silver plated setting

Pendant comes with 24" chain -
Guide bead added to assist in making the connection

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CITM PendantsCITM Clear Quartz fullCITM Clear Quartz closeCITM Lapis Lazuli fullCITM Lapis Lazuli closeCITM Quartz fullCITM Quartz closeCITM Onyx fullCITM Onyx closeCITM Tigers Eye fullCITM Tigers Eye close

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