The Purrfect Phone Kickstand

The Purrfect Phone Kickstand

Give your paws a rest with this "pawsome" 360° phone kickstand!  Take adorable selfies with your cat(s) or use as a stand to watch cute cat videos with the kitties!  #CatflixAndChill

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Color: Black

Material: Metal + Plastic


1. Clean dirt and dust off smart phone/tablet at the part to be attached

2. Remove the protective film from the ring, and attached it to smart phone/tablet in desired location

3. Press softly by hand to ensure it adheres

4. When need to remove the ring, peel off from edge first, then remove completely.

Reusable and now has a new powerful washable adhesive!


The Purrfect Phone KickstandThe Purrfect Phone Kickstand 2The Purrfect Phone Kickstand 3

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